We’ve had a lot on lately, so we didn’t have too much time for writing on our blog.

First of all, we left China. China is beautiful and fascinating but, truth be told, we really missed Europe. We’re sure we’ll be back there one day. China is a huge country and there’s so much more we want to see. And, of course, to share our experiences about it on Being a Nomad.

Our circumstances have now changed a little. Last year Chris started working part-time online as a copywriter. This helped us to realise that we can earn enough money at any cheap location in the world.

We’re talking about the kind of location independence that Tim Ferris talks about in his excellent book, The 4 Hour Workweek (Amazon link below). We finally found the courage to open our wings and break free.

A Big Decision

At the beginning of summer, we finished our contracts as teachers and opened a copywriting company (called Journey Copywriting) to start our new lives as digital nomads.

We spent a lot of time thinking about where we should live and scoured the internet to research location after location.

We looked at cold places to spend the winter, like Latvia and Ukraine.

But, Fujian has really spoilt us with its warm weather and so we turned our sights towards Southern Europe. It suited us both, and I really want to improve my Spanish and so, last month, we moved to Granada in Andalusia, Spain. The city is beautiful, full of historical buildings. Here, we’re close to the heart of flamenco and the region is as much influenced by its Muslim heritage as its more recent Christian past.

We’re meeting a lot of expats here as well, including plenty of like-minded digital nomads. This is opening up many business prospects for us. But most importantly, it’s inspired us to get back to work on Being a Nomad.


What to Look Forward To

As you can all probably guess we are very busy right now with our new company, but we’ve already planned to put time aside for this blog.

There’s still plenty to come. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Our experience last September living through the worst typhoon in Xiamen, China for 67 years
  • How we almost lost our right to live in China, and what the hell we were doing in Vietnam
  • Our trip to the Fujian’s Fuqing in China where we continued our search for the original South Shaolin Temple (Chris published an article about this in the Xiamen Daily newspaper)
  • What to do in the passionate city of Granada and the hotspots for exploring Southern Spain’s rich cultural heritage
  • And lots more…

Stay tuned for more at Being a Nomad.

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About Ola Jagielska

Ola Jagielska is an ESL teacher, language enthusiast and co-author of this blog. She speaks seven languages and is striving for more. She loves travelling, reading and drinking good coffee.

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